Giorgio Mancini

Director and choreographer, GM Ballet

Director and choreographer, GM Ballet

The beginning with Maurice Béjart

After his studies with Rossana Raducci Vantaggio, Giorgio Mancini attended the Accademia Nazionale di danza di Roma before continuing his training at Maurice Béjart’s Ecole Mudra, with the famous teacher Jan Nuyts. He subsequently joined the Ballet du XXe siècle and then the Béjart Ballet Lausanne where he performed numerous solos by Maurice Béjart.

From the Tours CCN to the Geneva Grand Théâtre

Giorgio Mancini continued his career as a dancer at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours, headed at the time by Jean-Christophe Maillot, and then at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, where he performed numerous lead roles for  Kylian, Neumeier, Ek, Naharin, Galili and Bruce. In 1989, Rudolf Nureyev presented him with the Positano Prize and in 1995 Giorgio Mancini was winner of the Danza e Danza Prize.

Dancer then director of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève

That same year Giorgio Mancini was appointed director of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève where he created a number of choreographies: In-contro, Polo Zero, Soliloqui a due, Between dusk and dawn, Words no longer heard, etc

Return to Italy to head the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino balle

After 13 years of successful experience in Switzerland, Giorgio Mancini was appointed director of Maggiodanza, the ballet of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, where his notable creations included: Eppur si move, In una parte di cielo, Juliet and Romeo, Mozart per gioco, and a very personal version of The Nutcracker.  
In 2006, Giorgio Mancini created a choreographic work for Mozart’s ASCANIO in Alba at the  Teatro alla Scala di Milano and in October 2007 he created Equilibri to mark the end of Joseph Kosuth’s installation at the Venice Biennial art exhibition.

International choreographic creation

In June 2009, Giorgio Mancini proposed a new version of the ballet In-Contro for the Royal Ballet School of Flanders.
In 2009, Giorgio Mancini  created Coppelia for the San Carlo Theatre Ballet in Naples.
In May 2010, he created La Campanella to the music of Paganini, for the  Nice-Méditerranée Ballet under the artistic direction of Eric Vu-An.
In October 2010, Giorgio Mancini headed the European project for young dancers in  Abruses and created the show Danserie.

A live choreographic studio: a first

In August 2011, Giorgio Mancini founded his own dance company, “GM Ballet”, and created the surprise event in Florence when he presented the first live choreographic studio, in the interior courtyard of the Palazzo Strozzi.  On this occasion Giorgio Mancini choreographed a duo in public  as they danced to the music of Tristan und Isolde, adapted for the piano by  Franz Liszt.

An enchanting setting

In June 2011, Giorgio Mancini presented his new creation, F L O R A, based on the music of Philip Glass, in the splendid gardens of the Villa La Pietra (owned by New York University) in Florence.

Live choreography: second performance

In July 2012, GM Ballet took up their summer residence in the gardens of Villa Vauban which houses the Musée d'art de la Ville de Luxembourg, and then in the inner courtyard of the Palazzo Strozzi where they performed their second live choreography creation. The audience witnessed the birth as it happened of “A nima”, a performance based on Chopin’s Etudes, Nocturnes and Préludes.

F L O R A at the Lyon CNSMD

In April 2013, Giorgio Mancini performed F L O R A with the Youth Ballet of the Lyon CNSMD.

Return to Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

From June 2013 to April 2014, Giorgio Mancini returned to the Maggio Musicale Fiorententino as choreographer and as artistic director of the MaggioDanza dance company for which he adapted his “A nima” work for 40 of the company’s dancers. In December 2013, Mancini’s Nutcracker Suite enjoyed a huge success on the stage of Florence’s Teatro Comunale. In September 2013, he again performed Coppelia, this time in a version adapted for MaggioDanza. Then, in October he created a most original version of Giselle for the same company.

Live choreographic creation: third performance!

In July 2013, Giorgio Mancini created L U N A, performed to Beethoven’s sonatas.

“A nima” by the Lyon CNSMD

In January 2014, the Youth Ballet of the Lyon CNSMD performed the “A nima” ballet in a version for eight dancers.

“A nima” and “Mozart per Gioco” in Luxembourg

In June 2014, Mancini presented the works “A nima” to Chopin’s Etudes, Préludes and Nocturnes, as well as the ballet “Mozart per Gioco” together with the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra at the Esch-sur-Alzette Theatre in Luxembourg. The two performances were covered widely in the press and enthusiastically acclaimed by the public.

New creation with Dorothée Gilbert and Mathieu Ganio, étoile dancers at the Opéra de Paris

Following the live choreographic creation of the Death of Isolde in 2011, performed in the inner courtyard of the Palazzo Strozzi, Mancini will now present a new choreographic work of Tristan and Isolde at the Florence Opera on 28 December 2014. The work has been specially created for Dorothée Gilbert and Mathieu Ganio, both of them étoile dancers at the Opéra de Paris.


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… peace amongst men, calm upon the open sea undisturbed by breath of air, a bed and sleep for those

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