A nima

Live choreographic creation

Live choreographic creation

A nima was created live, before the public’s eye, partly in the garden of the Villa Vauban in Luxembourg, which houses the Museum of Art of the City of Luxembourg, and partly in the interior courtyard of the Palazo Strozzi in Florence.

In the image of Chopin who unveiled his soul though music, Giorgio Mancini reveals his soul through dance and choreographic creation. The choreography did not follow a rational and predetermined construction scheme, but was inspired by the immediacy of the feelings and emotions provoked by the music itself, with the utmost respect to the romantic spirit that places the soul and its sentiments at the heart of everything. The result of this choreographed piece is thus an emotional narration.

The stage, purposely stripped of all décor, allows the pianist and the dancers to enter by osmosis and to accentuate the complimentary nature of these two forms of artistic expression. The pianist and the dancers interpret the emotions that they experience and recount them in the infinite and yet intimate space of the stage.

In June 2013, Giorgio Mancini decided to rethink "A nima" for MaggioDanza, in order to create a new version of it for 40 dancers. 

  • Creation Date: 8.9.2012
  • Creation Place: Luxembourg, Florence
  • Choreographer: Giorgio Mancini
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Music: Frédéric Chopin
  • Costumes: Giorgio Mancini
  • Dancers: Available for a minimum of 6 dancers and a maximum of 40 dancers

Emotional narration on Chopin Studies, Nocturnes and Preludes

A nima - Giorgio Mancini

This ballet is available under licence. Please contact us for more details.




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