Eppur si move

Maggio Danza

Maggio Danza

The choreography “Eppur si move” by Giorgio Mancini is a ballet inspired by the baroque period and designed for a troupe of 15 dancers. The ballet is a succession of scenes that represent developments in the artistic world: from the Renaissance, characterised by order and “classicism”, to the baroque period, symbolised by an opulent and tormented use of materials, plays of light and shade, and colour.  

The costumes and set, created by the renowned scenographer Luisa Spinatelli, follow this crescendo culminating in the baroque. The costumes change throughout the ballet in a subtle mix of red and black while reflecting mobile elements lend a continuous fluidity to the scenic space.  

The music is a skilful combination of electro-acoustic and the works of the greatest composers of the baroque age, such as Handel,   Purcell, Vivaldi and  Rameu.

  • Creation Date: 2004
  • Creation Place: Florence
  • Choreographer: Giorgio Mancini
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Music: Handel, Purcell, Rameau, Vivaldi
  • Music Setup: Silvio Brambilla
  • Costumes: Luisa Spinatelli
  • Setting: Luisa Spinatelli
  • Lights: Vinicio Cheli
  • Dancers: 15

"After “perfect” beginnings respecting precise rules, contemporary man was caught up in a whirl of freedom, abandon and energy, with extreme consequences. Without this crazy and baroque maelstrom it would have been difficult to arrive at the destination".Giusy Panara

Eppur si move - Giorgio Mancini

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