La Campanella

Ballet Nice-Méditerranée

Ballet Nice-Méditerranée

Paganini died in Nice on 27 May 1840. 170 years later Niccolo Paganini is reborn in the ballet "La Campanella" by virtue of the refined and spirited choreography of Giorgio Mancini.
Giorgio Mancini’s multi-sensorial  presentation undeniably and irremediably captivates every spectator. A charm that operates through the eyes (the flamboyant red of the costumes), the ears (Paganini’s spirited music) and the amazing interpretation of the dancers who translate Paganini’s complex relationship with the music: a mix of attraction, bewitchment,  intoxication and fascination.  

  • Creation Date: 2010
  • Creation Place: Nice
  • Choreographer: Giorgio Mancini
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Music: N. Paganini
  • Costumes: Giorgio Mancini
  • Setting: Giorgio Mancini
  • Dancers: 7

Paganini, the devil’s violinist

La Campanella - Giorgio Mancini

This ballet is available under licence outside Italy and France. Contact us for more details.



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